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Chapter  4

Honey’s in the Air  

What can you taste in honey? This chapter revolves around flavors and scents of honey, collected from across Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as our own apiary. Describing unique flavors, the chapter tries to recover what eludes the taste buds but nonetheless figures centrally in the production, composition, and powerful medical efficacy of honey. Surprisingly, this effort to track the substance’s elusive qualities requires examining complicated histories: of inter-ethnic war and of the post-war, fast-changing environments that make the nectar flow essential to honey creation increasingly uncertain and scarce. “Honey’s in the air,” local beekeepers tend to say, hinting in their phrase at a vernacular theory about vagaries and about cause and effect: natural, meteorological, ecological, human, and human-historical—and always subtly mixed, like honey itself.

Taste the Honey

What do we taste by tasting honey....

                                                                                                  video, 4:14 min. 2018

This video essay was composed for Translating Vitalities Collective, Istria,
Summer of 2018.