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Chapter  4

Honey’s in the Air  

What can we taste in honey? This chapter tells stories about flavors of some marvelous honey collected from across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The intricate aromas—and raw honey flavors are always unique—hint at their floral sources and the intense, complex relationships between bees, elements, soils, plants, and aphids that go into making honey. By deepening our appreciation of this substance, a taste of honey can lend us an insight into the wider ecological contexts and their precarious relationship to the changing climate. “Honey’s in the air,” local beekeepers tend to say, pointing at once to the weatherworn honey ecologies and the possibility of honey flowing, against all odds. Because, however, nature is always mixed up with culture, a honey tour brings forth aromas that elude the senses, suggestive of local histories and unfamiliar but compelling, lived-by philosophies.

Taste the Honey

What do we taste by tasting honey....

                                                                                                  video, 4:14 min. 2018

This video essay was composed for Translating Vitalities Collective, Istria,
Summer of 2018.