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Chapter 1

Honey’s on the Wheels 

“Honey’s on the wheels,” beekeepers across Bosnia and Herzegovina tend to say. The only way to catch honey through the scrambled seasons and odd weather due to climate change is to get the bees on the road. Driving bees in small batches, from 15 up to 70 hives, small-scale apiarists follow the trail of flowering plants across the country’s diverse climates. Favorite coves are found far from the sites of the fossil-fueled development and toxic industries. Spring honey flow, for instance, is the heaviest along the former frontlines of the 1990s war, rewilding due to landmines, devastation, and human abandonment. Multi-ethnic and bio-diverse, forage frontlines are the blooming spaces where beekeeping performs a ground-level, face-to-face peacekeeping. The sweeping effects of the climate change, however, are catching up with the beekeepers no matter how far the wheels take them.